Peels:Vi, SilkPeel, JetPeel

Vi Peel
Now there is a new treatment that combines the most popular acid peels into one gentle solution: the Vi Peel. It does more than remove visibly damaged skin. It treats the skin on a cellular level, working with acids and vitamins to help build collagen, shrink pores and eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration, acne, scars, fine lines, and hyper pigmentation. Additionally, the Vi Peel is the only skin treatment to effectively lighten dark spots and scars on women of color. Additional benefits of the Vi Peel:

  • Provides a smooth, bright complexion in less than 7 days;
  • Quick – application takes less than 15 minutes;
  • Painless; strips away layers of dead skin.

 Jet Peel
The fundamental basis of all cell growth and repair requires both water and oxygen. The delivery deep within the skin of ample quantities of these essential elements can be provided by the Jet Peel in a supersonic infusion style technology. The Jet Peel is an all natural, virtually painless skin treatment procedure that dramatically improves the appearance and texture of your skin .This unique procedure works simultaneously on five different levels at once: Deep Cleanses, Exfoliates, Hydrates, Oxygenates and Micro- circulates the treated area.

Jet Peel treatments are highly effective in skin texture improvement, wrinkle reduction, removal of unwanted pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation. It is also very useful with acne, blackheads and other comedone eruptions as it quickly and effortlessly removes them without any pain or discomfort. Jet Peel treatments are usually administered in a series of treatment sessions. The actual number will be determined by your Physician based upon the condition you decide to have corrected or improved. Jet Peel treatments are usually performed every 10 to 30 days. Thereafter, touch up or maintenance treatments are performed as needed.

This treatment can be combined with other treatments such as chemical peel or laser resurfacing. During the actual brief treatment session, your skin may well take on either a pink hue or become slightly lighter in colour depending upon your skin type. However, within 15 to 30 minutes after the treatment is completed, your skin will typically return to its natural coloration so that you can immediately return to your normal activities without any discomfort. Jet Peel treatments are therefore safe for both the patient and the administering staff.