Fat Elimination-Liposuction
Thanks for visiting Dermacare’s website. I’m Dr. Castillo-Plaza and I hope the following information can help you making your best decision. All our “excess fat” Elimination Procedures offer a faster, safer and less invasive alternative to other traditional liposuction methods, although each one has specific indications for us to determine which procedure to choose for each patient. Using local sedation with an analgesic for pain and a vasoconstrictor to minimize bleeding, these procedures can achieve results with minimal pain, fewer side effects, shorter recovery time , rapid healing and low to and significantly less expensive.

SMARTLIPO™ LipoSculpture, using Nd:YAG laser energy, is a new laser-assisted liposuction technique that simultaneously destroys fat cells and tightens skin.

VASER® LipoSelection®, using ultrasound technology, is a minimally invasive procedure that precisely and efficiently removes larger amounts of unwanted body fat. What distinguishes the VASER procedure is its ability to break up fat while conserving other important tissues– such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. It’s VASER System first liquefy fat and then remove it from the body through a gentle suction process designed to minimize damage to surrounding tissues to promote smooth results and rapid healing with only low to minimal pain.

BODY-JET, LipoRelease and Transfer, using a thin, fan-shaped water jet channeled into the fat tissue, is the newest Water Jet Assisted Liposuction (WAL) that easily loses the fat cells and release them for intact suction and possible immediatefat transplant.

Is Lipo-elimination for me?

Lypolysis or Lipo-elimination in general is the removal of unwanted fat under your skin from the subcutaneous area of your body. Any of our procedures can be an ideal option if you have tried to diet and have been unable to lose weight from certain areas of the body. Problem areas for women tend to be outer and inner thighs, hips, chin, abdomen and waist. Problem areas for men tend to be chin, abdomen, flanks (love handles) and waist.

Am I a candidate for these procedures?

These procedures are definitively not intended for obese individuals. It is intended to remove fat and sculpt the body for a more aesthetic appearing look. It is intended to reshape and form your body. If you have realistic expectations for what the procedure can accomplish, you are a good candidate. You must be aware that liposuction can enhance your appearance but will not change the overall look of your body.

About the consultation

On your initial consultation the physician will evaluate your general health and determine whether you are a candidate for liposuction. The physician will listen to your concerns, examine your fat deposits, and customize a treatment plan that is right for you. You will be able to ask questions regarding the procedure. All of your questions will be answered.

What about the type of anesthesia?

It is safe for your tumescent liposuction surgery to be performed in an office based setting. Tumescent liposuction involves instilling a diluted solution of lidocaine, epinephrine, and sodium bicarbonate into the subcutaneous fat in order to anesthetize the fat. The Tumescent SmartLipo, BodyJet and Vaser Assisted-Liposuction by local anesthesia has proven to be very safe and is less painful and better tolerated than liposuction under general anesthesia. Today, there have been no reported serious complications with patients tumescent liposuction. Most patients can return to work 1-4 days after the procedure.

What does the surgery involve?

After the anesthesia has taken effect (approximately 30 minutes) your surgery will begin. Depending on the sites to be done it may take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete the operation. After the surgery is completed, garments will be placed on you to help with the post-operative healing and to be used 2-3 weeks. The surgical sites are not sutured to facilitate the drainage of tumescent fluid for the following 1-2 days.

When can I get back to normal?

You can walk and do light exercise the night of surgery if you feel up to it. You can resume your prior exercise regimen 3 weeks after your surgery if you eliminate any bouncing movements. You will notice improvement in the shape of your body right after surgery and will continue to improve for following 3-6 months. At the end of the 6th month you should see the final result of the surgery.