Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

Our Medlite C6 laser is a high-tech way specifically designed and FDA-approved to treat tattoos. Our state-of-the-art q-switched lasers safely and effectively target the ink in the tattoo without affecting the surrounding tissue, breaking down the pigment used for your immune system to finally remove the residual pigment from your body. Different laser lights are used according to the color and type of ink (for instance, green light is effective in the removal of orange or red ink) and the skin color of the patient. Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making that color the easiest to remove. Other colors, like red, proficiently absorb green laser light. There are several other colors that can only be treated by specific lasers based upon the pigment color.
Because each tattoo is distinctive, the procedure must be tailored to go with each person’s case. If you have a tattoo that has been treated in the past but has not been effectively removed by other applications or through home remedies, it may now respond to laser therapy as long as the prior treatments did not create too much scarring in your skin.
During the removal of the tattoo, your doctor will place a hand piece against the surface of your skin and will set in motion the laser light. The removal of your tattoo with laser is a fairly painless method. People who have had their tattoos removed state that it is similar to moderate sunburn pain. It usually takes less than 30 minutes and you will be able to return to work right away following your treatment. Depending on amount of colors involved, quality of the ink used and the location of your tattoo, it may take between 2-12 treatments before your tattoo has degenerated.
After your laser application, an ice pack is positioned on the area to comfort you. A topical antibiotic cream or ointment will be applied along with a bandage to protect the sight. You should keep the site covered to protect it from the sun when you are outdoors. You will receive precise instructions on how to treat your skin when it begins to flake, as well as soaps and lotions that you should use while your skin heals.

Cost of a tattoo removal

The cost of the tattoo removal can vary, depending on the type of procedure that you decide to have and the amount of treatments necessary to successfully remove your tattoo. While the removal of a tattoo with the laser is the treatment of choice for most people, tattoo removal can be performed in numerous ways, but the latest and greatest technique is utilizing a laser
Excision — is where your cosmetic surgeon surgically removes the skin.
Dermabrasion — is where the skin is scraped to remove the tattoo.
Laser — pulsated energy is used to break up the tattoo ink within the skin.
At Dermacare, we specialize on Laser Tattoo removal. The cost can range from $50 to $500, depending on the size, type of tattoo and the colors used. With our laser tattoo removal there is less pain, less down time, less recovery, and much more rapid healing process. Don’t let the fear of the procedure or the rumors of pain stop you. A laser procedure can be less painful then having a tattoo put on your arm in the first place. Snap your arm with a rubber band and thats basicily all the pain that you will feel with the laser!